Battle Royale is a very popular recreation genre: It has actually loads of millions of gamers. Don’t you agree with us? According to Play Store statistics, extra than 10 million people mounted cellular PUBG. Rules of Survival almost has an identical amount of gamers. And Free Fire has already been downloaded by means of more than 50 million gamers. These three Battle Royale video games are able to reach to a target audience of 70 million and this discern maintains rising every day. However, they're not the “identical” games. While they use the equal concept, each one offers a distinctive sort of revel in.

Which is Best among PUGB, Free Fire or Rules of survival

In this guide, we can compare champions of the Battle Royale genre and list their variations. Note that this gained’t be a “which sport is the great” article. We consider that every game is better in a specific aspect and all of them offer exquisite gameplay.

Speaking of Gameplay…

Free Fire, PUBG, and Rules of Survival offer the identical idea: A restrained number of gamers get thrown into an island and that they combat each different to emerge as the remaining guy alive, a.Ok.A king of the island. Each sport may be played solo, duo, and with a team. Once you land on the island, you search for loot, arm yourself with weapons and armor, and hunt other gamers. It is every day that the idea is identical: All Battle Royale games are played like that. Let’s check the battlegrounds of these video games:

We do no longer realize the exact size of Free Fire Island, however, it's far smaller than the other two. You start all games with the aid of jumping from an aircraft and these islands are packed with homes and loot.

In phrases of participant numbers, all games have a healthful user base. However, it's miles possible to start a healthy in Free Fire any time of the day actually in mere seconds. We have by no means waited extra than five seconds to join a suit. This is primarily due to the fact Free Fire may be performed with 50 gamers whilst others require a lot extra.

The “Circle” System

When we take a look at the gameplay, all video games have secure zones: These are represented with the aid of white circles which hold shrinking as the sport progresses. Staying outside of the secure zones will kill you. Not instantly, however, you will hold getting damage until you die. PUBG adds a blue circle to this gadget: This circle is continuously moving and for the same motive, players are compelled to relocate continuously. Rules of Survival and Free Fire have most effective two circles: White ones constitute the safe zones and purple ones show the areas that will be bombarded.

In this regard, Rules of Survival and Free Fire offer simpler gameplay which does now not force players to transport continuously. In fact, most of the matches in Free Fire quit before the secure sector shrinks extra than 3 times. You can even finish an in shape proper wherein you started: Because the game vicinity is smaller, you may see the touchdown spots of each different participant without problems. In other words, the gameplay of Free Fire is faster paced and extra motion-orientated than the other.